Recipe Cheong

A Korean drink similar to the Japanese Koso, it combines sugar and fruit to create your own syrup!

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  • Sugar
  • Organic fruits of your choice

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1. In the same way as the Koso recipe, make layers, alternating the fruits of your choice and their sugar weight.
2. Leave to macerate for 3 months, stirring regularly.
3. After 3 months, filter the mixture and transfer the syrup to a Swing Top Le Parfait bottle.
4. Leave your Cheong to ferment for 6 months before tasting.
5. You can then enjoy your syrup with still or sparkling water, make fruit pates, create sorbets, etc.

Our little tip: after the first 3 months, you can use the fruit to make jam!

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bonjour, faut-il fermer le bocal hermétiquement ou sans caoutchouc ? Merci.

mc cabouat

La température et les conditions de fermentation ne sont pas claires : à l’ombre, à la lumière, au soleil, hors soleil, au frais, au frigo, au chaud, à température ambiante, concernant la première phase, concernant la seconde ?


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