Discover more than 300 recipes for preserves that you can make throughout the year, season by season. Recipes for natural preserves, fruit in syrup, cooked dishes, terrines or jams – there’s something for every taste!

The art
of making preserves

Welcome to the School of Preserves!
With our “ready-to-use” videos, you will discover all the secrets of making homemade preserves and jams. Questions about how to sterilise jars, what equipment you’ll need, or even how to open a jar? Look no further, you’re in the right place!

How to make

From preparing jars to sterilising your recipes, follow the Le Parfait method to make your own homemade preserves (both sweet and savoury).

Preserves instructions

How to make

Making your own jams takes just a few steps. All you need is good seasonal fruit and some sugar! It’s simple, quick and so good when it’s homemade.

Preserves instructions

our ideas and know-how!

Because we want to listen to nature and rediscover a few savours that have been almost forgotten…

  • A taste for authentic ingredients

    A taste for authentic ingredients

    DIY doesn't lie! Homemade jams and preserves are genuine delights, made by genuine people.

  • A taste for what’s beautiful

    A taste for what’s beautiful

    Beautiful food is delicious food! Our jars and terrines encourage your creativity, and make your recipes more attractive – and even tastier!

  • A taste for sharing

    A taste for sharing

    When you make something yourself, you’re proud of your accomplishment, and you’ll enjoy making other people happy by sharing your tips, your summertime terrine recipes, and more! Sharing is a central value in the world of preserves.

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