Place à la soupe !

Slow down soup up

Real talk: summer is definitely over. But let’s not see the jar half empty: the season coming ahead is full of little treats to splurge on: socks and slippers, comfy sweaters, knitted blankets, ditching your friends because it’s too cold outside (don’t deny it), spending a cosy night in, and also: soup, and all kinds of hot drinkable creamy veggies.

So, so long summer, and hello soup season! Here are our favourite ones, perfect to cross the list above in just one batch, dive into laziness that is always having a meal ahead, and slow down a notch.

Think of this soup as the comfort food-y but still really healthy night dish of your dream. Lot’s of taste (woody, smoked, chesnut-y), and soooo creamy (hellooo hazelnut butter and milk). It’s like a walk in the forest, but without having to leave your couch. You’re welcome.


A creamy soup looooves a bit of sparkle. Proof: try this celery recipe, and top it up with some crunchy grilled walnuts. Best combo ever if you ask us!


Here’s the sweet sweet spot between laziness and tastiness. Pumpkin, coconut milk, lemongrass, herbs and spices soup. It’s a 40min recipe, but hear us out: it’s so good that it’s worth making a big batch and lots of jars of it. And then, just walk home, slip inside your onesie, pop that jar. Enjoy a slow life.

Cabbage, carrots, turnips, leeks and bacon. That’s all it takes to get more flavour from a soup than you ever thought possible. Who’s to thank here? (Well us obviously) but also our dear brunch pal:  BACON. Don’t deny it, you know it makes everything taste better.

If you think puréed soup is kind of boring, you might reconsider it. Just as smashed potatoes, squash and carrots need only a few ingredients to reach new culinary heights. And they are as cheap as they are tasty: salt, pepper, and coconut milk. Plus its orange colour is kind of all the rage right now (Halloween we missed you) so stack them in your pantry.


Still hungry? We have a lot of other recipes to make a humble bowl of soup feel like an autumn feast! Check them out here

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