Donnez à vos aliments une durée de vie plus longue

Give your food a longer life

One of the questions we get a lot at Le Parfait – both on social media and IRL – is how to? How to preserve? How to ferment? How to jam? How to open your preserves? And so on. We love to receive those questions because it shows that preserving is getting a comeback and more and more people want to join the canning ranks. The allure of it is quite simple: Give your food a longer life. In theory it sells itself quite simply: cook things, put things in jars, heat jars, eat jars whenever you feel like it. 

But for those of us that start with basic cooking skills (the masters of « I’ll just fry and egg and eat raw carrots » five minutes routine) it can appear tricky. Where to start? What to do? How long will it take? Well, think of it this way: you only have to master the steps once, and then a new world of food possibilities opens up for you. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know to learn skills that will serve for a lifetime! 



To make good preserves, you need the right jars! This is why we offer different designs to match your tasty needs! Here’s a quick recap:

  • Le Parfait Super jars are designed for preserving (and fermenting) fruits and vegetables! 
  • Le Parfait Super Terrines and Familia Wiss Terrines are rather used for ready meals, pâtés, purees etc. Their shape is perfect to remove them from the mold, and can be microwave quickly without their lids. 
  • The jams jars, as titled are for jams. As sugar is THE ingredients that’ll do the preserving job, those jars are not made to undergo heat treatment! 

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Set your sights on natural taste, and follow our detailed roadmaps for perfect preserves! It's so simple; you won't need to refer to this page often (much to our regret). With the Le Parfait method, preserving is as easy as pie!

On preserving 

On jaming

On fermenting

Once you’ve mastered the noble art of preserving, there is one – ESSENTIAL – skill you’ll need to learn (our favorite so far): How to open your preserve!

Check it out and enjoy it all year!

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