Le Parfait x Ornetin : Un piège à frelon asiatique !

Le Perfect x Ornetin: An Asian hornet trap!

Le Perfect x Ornetin: An Asian hornet trap!
Summer: perfect season for barbecues, aperitifs, sun, bees... but unfortunately also Asian hornets!

Yes, these hornets are becoming more and more recurrent and are certainly ruining your outdoor moments and, above all, threatening our ecosystem!

Indeed, did you know that? 30 Asian hornets can kill 30,000 bees in a few hours. This scourge is more and more present every year and these Asian hornets are responsible for the extinction of certain bee hives. So to preserve them, Le Perfect is teaming up with the young French brand Ornetin to promote an effective, chemical-free solution! A kit designed with a 750g Familia Wiss jar and a trap tip designed by the Ornetin brand. How it works is simple: pour two spoons of syrup onto a few strands of straw placed at the bottom of the jar and placed horizontally in the location of your choice, near your hives for example, the hornets will be attracted to the water sweet and will no longer be able to come out of the trap. Once full, carefully collect the trap and immerse it in a bucket of water. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary since you only need to add syrup between each use!

If you wanted to get rid of these Asian hornets and protect the bees, this is a sustainable and ecological solution!

Small reminder: be careful of the insects you hunt, because many of them are more than important! So even if you are afraid of them or they bother you, remember that they participate in the food chain, but also that they are essential for pollination.

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