What are homemade preserves?

Classic, down-home, sweet or savoury – turning all your recipes into homemade preserves is a delight. It’s so easy and practical to fill your cupboard with delicious dishes that will wait patiently until you need them!

Homemade preserves to spice up a meal

Dinnertime and no idea what to make? With Le Parfait, a few simple and tasty recipes will spice up your day-to-day cooking: sauces, chutneys, plain or pickled vegetables, and more. Delicious and easy to make – what could be better? Boil some pasta, add sauce from a jar, and presto! A jar of green beans in natural juice? Just add a touch of garlic, parsley, sauté for a moment and enjoy! Pickled vegetables? Perfect for a vegetable quiche, ready faster than you can say “bon appétit”!

Homemade preserves to brighten up an ordinary day

Le Parfait helps you turn dinner into a feast in a snap. With preserves, you can store elaborate dishes that are ready to be served and ajoyed almost immediately – just prepare them ahead of time. Don’t really feel like cooking? Look in the cupboard to find something to whet your appetite. Beef bourguignon, chicken soup, lamb stew... A hearty, mouth-watering meal just waiting to be heated up!

Homemade preserves to put a smile on your face

Got a sweet tooth? Jams, marmalades, candied fruit or fruit in syrup... will sweeten up your lunches, snacks or desserts. Guilt-free indulgence all year round.

Preserves: So Easy, So Many Choices!


Food is slightly cooked in jars, with no additives.

In oil:

To preserve natural flavours while adding aromatic herbs or spices to preserve food for very long periods.

In vinegar:

Ideal for top-grade vegetables such as gherkins or carrots.

In alcohol:

Perfect for fruit of the highest quality. Very easy to use, and highly appreciated for the flavour it gives food.

In sugar:

Reserved for jams and marmalades, as well as fruit in syrup or speciality syrups.