How to make your own jams?

Whether you make jams for those you love or simply for your own pleasure, let Le Parfait guide you! Easy to make and delicious to taste, you’ll discover that anyone can enjoy the pleasure of homemade jams in the blink of an eye!

6 steps to make jams

Prepare your Le Parfait Jam Jars

1/6 Prepare your Le Parfait Jam Jars

Clean the jam jars and lids thoroughly with hot water and a disinfectant or detergent, or add a tablespoon of bleach per litre of water. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and let air dry. Do not wipe the inside.

Prepare the fruits

2/6 Prepare the fruits

Why not pick some fruits in the garden? Or you can also buy very good ones at the market or the greengrocer.

Clean the fruits with warm water. Discard the mushy ones, stalks, stones, and cut into chunks if necessary.


3/6 Mix

In a stock pot, add the sugar.
Weigh the fruits and the sugar according to the proportions specified in the recipe.
Mix in the stock pot.

Cook to a full boil

4/6 Cook to a full boil

Put on a high heat and respect the cooking time. Depending on the fruits, the result wanted, the type of sugar, the use of pectin or not, cooking times may differ quite a lot.

Test the jam

5/6 Test the jam

Here is how to test the thickness of your jam. Pour a tablespoon of boiling jam on a cold plate, then incline the plate : the jam should flow smoothly without being too runny .


6/6 Skim

Finally, skim the jam and fill immediately in the Le Parfait Jam jars. Close them using the lids, then immediately turn them upside down briefly, then put them right side up again. The result is a self-pasteurised cover.
Always use new lids.