Recipe Red fruit jam

You'll be red with pleasure at this tangy jam full of flavour. A sweet concentrate of all the red fruits of summer to spread, or more if you like!

Confiture de fruits rouges
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Number of persons: Several
  • 1.3 kg assorted red fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, blackberries, redcurrants)
  • 1.3 kg caster sugar or granulated sugar (or 1 kg jelly sugar)
  • 1 lemon

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  • Sort and clean the red fruit (remove the seeds from the redcurrants).
  • Squeeze the lemon to extract the juice.
  • Place the fruit, lemon juice and sugar in the jam pan.
  • Bring to the boil. From this point, count the cooking time: 7 minutes with a jelling sugar, otherwise 15 to 20 minutes with caster sugar.
  • Keep the heat high and stir often. Check that the jam is cooked by pouring a few drops onto a cold plate and then tilting the plate. The jam should run gently.
  • Skim off the foam and immediately pour into the jars, close them and turn them over for 1 minute, then put them upright again to cool.

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