Recipe Canned vegetable salad

If you love vegetable planters, it’s a safe bet that you love mixed vegetables. So take out your best seasonal vegetables, here is for you this essential vegetable recipe which can also be enjoyed in a jar!

Macédoine de légumes en conserve
Preparation time:
45 min
Heat treatment time:
Shelf life:
12 months
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Number of persons: 6-8 servings
  • You can make all kinds of mixtures, for example: peas, turnips, green beans, flageolets, carrots, cabbage
  • Flowers, artichoke bottoms, lettuce hearts,...

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We recommend: Jars Le Parfait Super > Jar - 0,25 l (Diameter : 70)


  • After shelling, peeling, washing and cutting the different chosen ingredients, blanch these seasonal vegetables in boiling water, pouring them separately: start with the longest to cook, that is to say the flageolets (10 minutes), then the carrots (6 minutes), green beans, turnips and peas (5 minutes) and finally cauliflower (2 minutes).
  • Then rinse them with cold water then fill the Le Perfect Super jars, taking into account that the fresh green vegetables in grains swell.
  • Cover your homemade vegetable salad with boiling brine, salted at 20 g/liter up to 2 cm from the edge.
  • Close and immediately proceed to the heat treatment for 1h15 at 100°C.

Tips: this canned vegetable recipe will be the basis for a traditional mixed vegetable mayonnaise or for a delicious mixed vegetable cake for example.

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