If there is nowadays a new passionate world in food & beverages to discover, it is mixolo-gy!
What is mixology? The art of preparing mixed drinks, cocktails. Yep, pretty interesting !
A cocktail is not only a soft, a spirit, some ice, and that’s it !
Today, this is a real art, and everyone can actually cook some cocktails.

What about becoming the perfect bartender to welcome your friends at home?

First of all, as for cooking, you have to choose the right products. Talk to your cellar man, you will discover so many differences between diverses whiskies, or gin, or vodka, or te-quila. As for the wine, there are so many details and flavors to taste ! Buy some local lem-onade, good bitter or tonic, those will make the difference.

Then, the fun step : prepare your own syrup, discover and cook your first homemade gin, some rum row…

To help you and give you some ideas, we work this month with a European bartender, and ask him for tips and advices !

You read it earlier : you will cook your first homemade gin. Yes, you read well ! You will cook your own spirit right in your kitchen?! The best of it? it is quite easy, and needs 48 hours of infusion, that’s it.  Last but not least, you can personalize it with your favorite herbs, flowers, fruits or whatever you can find in your local market, your own garden or the closest farm. Isn’t a damn cool life?

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