Recipe Pickles in vinegar

Are you one of those people who love these little cucurbits so much that you can eat a whole jar of gherkins without even thinking about how sour the vinegar is? That's just as well! Because this homemade recipe for vinegar preserves will make your taste buds dance.

Cornichons au vinaigre
Preparation time:
30 min + 24h of maceration
Shelf life:
12 months
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Number of persons: Several people
  • 1 kg gherkins
  • 1 litre quality white vinegar
  • 12 spring onions
  • 6 sprigs tarragon
  • 3 bay leavespepper coriander seeds
  • 250 g coarse salt

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  • For this gherkin preparation, choose small, healthy, freshly-picked gherkins. Cut them and remove the fuzz that covers them without peeling them, using a rough cloth for example.
  • Cook for 24 hours in 250g of coarse salt.
  • Discard the water from the gherkins and drain.
  • Re-macerate for 5 minutes in a solution of cold water with a few spoonfuls of vinegar, then drain.
  • Place the gherkins in the Le Parfait jars, spooning over the peeled spring onions and herbs.
  • Cover with vinegar, close your gherkin jar, keep in a cool place and wait one month before serving the gherkins in vinegar.

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