Recipe Canned cooked red cabbage

In this recipe, the red cabbage remains plain so that it can be prepared as you wish when consuming it. This conservation leaves it with all its benefits and flavors, a treat!

Chou rouge cuisiné en conserve
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Preparation time:
15 min
Heat treatment time:
90 min
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Number of persons: 7-8 servings
  • 1 red cabbage
  • Salt, pepper
  • Sugar
  • Vinegar
  • Bay leaf

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  • Remove damaged and wilted leaves from the cabbage. Cut it in half and remove the core.
  • Chop it finely or julienne it then let it rest overnight after sprinkling it with a little salt and sugar then drizzled with a little vinegar.
  • Place the cabbage in jars with the juice, add a bay leaf, close and immediately proceed to heat treatment, 90 minutes at 100°C.

Tip: When serving, mix the red cabbage with peeled and chopped apples and simmer for half an hour.

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Vais essayé la stérilisation avec les pommes 🧐🤔


Merci pour cette recette.


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