Sharing our ideas and know-how!

People who like making their own homemade preserves often adopt a lifestyle that makes them part of a community. What do they all have in common? A taste for some of the same things…

A taste for authentic ingredients

The transparency of glass, clear control over the ingredients you use… you’ll never have any unpleasant surprises or be disappointed by false promises or hidden additives. There’s nothing more honest than homemade. The jams and preserves you make at home are deliciously authentic, made with sincerity. When you open a jar of handmade preserves, you’ll only find what you put in it: no artificial flavours, preservatives or other additives, and just the right amount of salt and sugar.


A taste for good food, beautifully presented

Enjoyment makes us better people, and there’s no harm in indulging in the simple pleasures of good food. It’s part of a lifestyle of enjoyment and sharing with others. When you make your own preserves, you pay careful attention to the taste of the produce you use. You learn how to choose the right produce at the right place and the right time. You’re open-minded about good food, and definitely not ready to give up the good things in life or to give into “junk food”. And beautiful food is delicious food! The attractive design of Le Parfait jars makes your preserves even more appetising and delicious.

“ Beautiful food is delicious food! ”

A taste for sharing

When you make something yourself, you’re proud of your accomplishment, and you’ll enjoy making other people happy by sharing what you’ve done. It’s the same feeling for everyone who likes to make homemade preserves! It’s the feeling you get when you give a jar of your own homemade jam to a friend.

It’s also a topic of conversation. Talking about recipes, discussing sterilisation times, swapping ideas and produce – making homemade preserves is all about sharing. Trading jars of green beans for raspberry jam, swapping a few pounds of ripe carrots for some spiced vegetables terrines…

A taste for freedom

We used to believe we were caught in the rat race of always having to buy and consume more. We fell into the vicious circle of “buy, throw away, buy again…” We’ve seen the negative consequences for the environment or even for our own health. But we are makers. And when you make your own preserves, you take control of your diet! Deciding how you want to eat means being fully responsible for what you put in your plate!

“ Take control of your diet! ”

The glass jar: a symbol of a lifestyle aimed at preserving the very best of our world.