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What are the differences between a preserve boiler, a sterilizer and a pressure cooker? Why are there differences in the sterilization times?
With a preserve boiler, the heat treatment is comprised between 90°-100°C (boiling temperature). With a pressure cooker, the treatment is quicker and under pressure, enabling the temperature to go higher than 110°C. A sterilizer is a specific device made for this purpose. Sterilization times will differ as each sterilization device will reach its own specific temperature.

What is the best device you recommend using: pressure cooker, preserve boiler or sterilizer?
The heat treatment with a preserve boiler is 20% longer than with a pressure cooker as the temperature cannot go higher than 90°-100°C. With a pressure cooker, the temperature can be too high, for example when cooking Foie gras. The sterilizer has a temperature adapted to each product.

Can I dismantle Le Parfait Jars?’
Never dismantle a jar, as the combination "lid-wire hinge-jar" is specific to each production lot.

Where can I buy new lids for the Jars and Terrines Le Parfait Super?
The lids of the Jars and Terrines Le Parfait Super can’t be replaced as the combination "lid-jar" is specific to each production lot.

Which jar is better for my jams?
Use Le Parfait Jam jars with lids, or Le Parfait jam pots without lids (that you will paraffin).

Can I replace the wire hinge?
The wire hinge cannot be replaced nor exchanged. The combination "lid-wire hinge-jar" is specific to each production lot.

What is the difference between the ranges Le Parfait Super and Le Parfait Familia Wiss ?
The principle is the same (heat the core of the preparation to 100°C and create a vacuum inside the container), but they differ in their way to reach it. In Le Parfait Super range, what’s key is the resiliency of the wire hinge and seal. In Le Parfait Familia Wiss range, the resiliency of the lid is more important.

Where can I find jar labels, e.g. for jams?
You will find a whole range of labels in the section "Original Jar, customize your jars"
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Questions on the recipes and cooking times

In a recipe where the sterilization time is related to the use of a pressure cooker, how do I convert it for a sterilizer?
You need to follow the instructions on your sterilizer.

What should the water temperature be during sterilization?
The sterilization starts when the water starts boiling, i.e. 100°C.

Can I calculate myself the sterilization time of a product?
It depends of the recipe, the device used and your experience. With experience, each cook learns how to optimize the sterilization times. But it’s never very far from what we recommend. Note that your preserves will be spoiled (immediately or later on) if the heat treatment is too short.

Can all food products be preserved?
Nearly all food products can be preserved.

Once the sterilization is done, is the conservation time the same for all preserves?
Generally speaking, the preserves can last many years, but we recommend that you eat them within 12 months.

Is there a difference of conservation time between vegetables in sauce and natural vegetables?
Whether the vegetables are cooked in sauce or natural, the conservation time remains the same.

Is it dangerous not to achieve a complete sterilization?
The sterilization must be achieved completely. The notion of "unfinished" sterilization does not exist. A preserve will be spoiled unless the sterilization is completely finished.

Is it dangerous to exceed the sterilization time ?
There’s no danger in exceeding the time of the heat treatment. But you may loose some flavour (too cooked) and waste energy.

In the particular case of the Foie Gras recipe, do we have to remove immediately the terrines from the boiling water, or should we wait until it’s cold?
We recommend you to wait until the terrines are completely cold before removing them.

Is there a way to check that the heat treatment has been properly realized?
Please refer to the verification step, in the section « Make your own preserves ».
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Can I sterilize my jars in an oven?
Yes indeed, you can realize a heat treatment in a oven. In this case, please refer to the oven manufacturer instructions, as each device is different.