So you want to preserve seasonal fruits and vegetables in jars, or your homemade recipes in terrines? A good idea gets even better when you have the right equipment. Follow this guide!

To showcase your creations:

We’ll start from the beginning. Le Parfait jars, terrines and jam jars should be at the top of your list! To make sure that your recipes benefit from our expertise and 80 years of experience, always demand Le Parfait quality jars and terrines. Copies may abound, but these decorative accessories are often not designed for homemade preserves.

The right closing system:

Rubber seals, sealing caps and lids, each jar has its own closing system! For our Le Parfait Super range, you’ll need Le Parfait Super rubber seals. Likewise, if you use Le Parfait Familia Wiss terrines, stock up on Le Parfait Familia Wiss sealing caps and lids. And for jam jars, the Le Parfait lid is what you’ll need!

Heat treatment

You have several choices when it comes to heat treatment: cookers, boilers, canners – whatever the name, you just need a large heat-resistant container. Even a large pot or a pressure cooker will do! If you use this method, you will have to monitor the temperature with a cooking thermometer and use a timer.

A little something extra for fantastic preserves:

Labels tell you what’s in a jar, and they also give your preserves their own personality. Be sure to have some handy in your kitchen drawer. You can find blank labels at the store, or you can customise and print them directly using the Le Parfait label-making module.
One last detail to round out our list: the Le Parfait opener, your best friend for opening Le Parfait jars and terrines effortlessly, with a flick of the wrist!

The great classics of modern cuisine:

Of course, depending on your recipe, you’ll need pots, knives, spatulas… all these basic kitchen utensils will serve you well as you make your favourite recipes. Get out your cookbooks!