Recettes de marinades du chef Stevie Parle

Pickling Recipes by Chef Stevie Parle

UK preservers may have spotted a couple of Le Parfait jars in the Telegraph newspaper this Saturday. The jars were featured in some beautiful images illustrating food writer and Dock Kitchen chef Stevie Parle’s weekly recipe column.
Stevie suggests some easy to follow recipes for pickles which can give any dish an added burst of flavour. His recipes are perfect for giving meals an extra kick during the cold and wet weather, like that currently sweeping the UK and the USA. However, they could also make a tasty accompaniment for barbecued meats, for those lucky enough to currently be experiencing sunnier climates- Australian and South African preservers, we’re looking at you!
Two of Stevie’s recipes, the Turkish-Style Fermented Turnips recipe and the British Kimchi recipe, rely on lactic fermentation which, as Stevie points out, means that they are full of probiotics and therefore really beneficial to our health. With turnips currently in season in the UK, the US and Canada, it is a great time to try out the Turkish-Style Fermented Turnips recipe. His Kimchi recipe is a British inspired take on the conventional Korean version, featuring produce from around the country (which can easily be bought in other countries too). It is great paired with deep fried fish dishes or as a bold flavoured accompaniment for steak and chips.
The Mango Chutney recipe creates something which is the complete opposite to the sweet, sticky goo found in most shops. It’s packed with flavour and spice. While mangoes can be expensive in the UK, Australian preservers should be able to get them at a better price right now, as most of our favourite types (such as Bowen and Calypso) are currently in the height of their season.
There is also a recipe for one of Stevie’s newest pickling creations- Carrot Pickle- which is similar to a Keralan Lime Pickle. European and North American based preservers are in luck- carrots are in season this month and almost all year round, however, Australian and South African preservers would be advised to wait a couple of months to catch carrots at their best.
All of Stevie’s recipes and some beautiful images featuring Le Parfait jars can be seen here- 
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