The perfect Friendsmas

The perfect Friendsmas

According to Urban Dictionary, Friendsmas is when « friends get together to consume large quantities of delicious food stuff and exchange gifts ». They also mention over excitingly shouting holiday jargons and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, but it’s kind of the cherry on top of the cake, and - let’s be honest - at Le Parfait, we’re here for the cake ;)

To sum up: large quantities of delicious food and exchanging gifts. Sounds amazing right? One would almost say perfect, if it wasn’t for the peculiar conundrum of finding the « OMG I LOOOVE IT » gift. 

Well, fear not, we’ve asked scientist to find a solution to this equation, and, EUREKA, they found the answer, just under our nose: FRIENDSHIP. YEP. They discovered that friendship, just as food, can be preserved, can be cherished, can be shared, and can be put in a jar! Need a proof? You can  definitely have to watch our new video dedicated to that!

So this Christmas Friendsmas, instead of emptying your bank-account, we propose that you fill in jars with tasty treats, and DIY gifts, made thoughtfully, and specially for your friends. The bonus point?  A jar is reusable, recyclable etc. So you’re also being a friend to the Planet!!!

Find the soft spot of the sweet teeth around you with cakes (We told you we were here for that): Marble cake, Hazelnut, Orange and chocolate sponge cake, and our brand new pistachio dream.

For the partygoers in your friend group (you know the ones that always end an evening screaming let’s gooooo danciiing) we recommend treats that fuel their fun spirits: terrines, tapenades, and fancy drinks such as Rum arrange and Cigar syrup!

We all have that one friend who has time to do his news reading, sun salutation and 10k before 9 AM, well the perfect gift for him/her is a no brainer: breakfast delicacies. Think homemade seasonal jams, chocolate spread etc. 

And for the picky eaters, go with DIY and zero waste gifts such as our latest beauty wellness jars. Or some cute homemade candles etc. 

Don’t forget to customize them with your own labels, you can make them and download them here!

Let’s have a fantastic and lovely Friendsmas!

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