Why make preserves?

1 Le Parfait is healthy and seasonal!

When you make your own preserves, you know exactly what’s in the jar: no salt, organic, gluten-free – you decide!

And there’s nothing better than preserving seasonal produce so you can enjoy its fresh flavour all year round! Are you new to preserves? Don’t worry: Le Parfait guides you step by step. Learn to make your own preserves and jams like a pro.

2 Le Parfait means no waste!

With Le Parfait jars, there’s no waste even when cooking large quantities of food.
You can also preserve all the fruits and vegetables from your garden without wasting anything.

Sales at the farmers’ market? Don’t miss it, buy as much as you want, and preserve all the fresh goodness for later on!

3 Le Parfait never breaks down!

When you buy a Le Parfait jar, it’s for a lifetime! A jar never breaks down so you can keep it for a very long time! You should find that it is only the rubber seals or caps that may require replacing.

4 Le Parfait takes the burden off your freezer!

It’s true that when you decide to deep freeze your food, you think you’re saving up time as it’s quicker to fill up your freezer rather than preserving. But think again... how long does it take to turn your frozen goods into something you can eat? Quite a while, as defrosting can be time-consuming and more importantly may dry out your product. Preserving, on the other hand, eliminates the need for defrosting, allowing your product to be ready to eat quicker.

Preserving is ways easier, even though it takes a bit of preparation time. No need to wait for thawing, your recipe is ready in the blink of an eye!

And don’t forget that your preserves can tag along with you almost anywhere... your frozen goods can’t!

5 Le Parfait let’s you express yourself!

Preserving is all about expressing yourself! Offering a home-made preserve is almost like a declaration of love! Your preserve can become even more personal if decorated your way thanks to Le Parfait labels. Add diamante stickers here and there, a nice coloured ribbon (for a girly jar) or use colored paper to cut out funny glasses and a moustache (for a fun jar)! The list is endless; it is up to you now!

6 Le Parfait, a glass product

Yes it’s true, at Le Parfait, we love glass. Natural, sustainable, strong, waterproof, and taste-preserving, glass is the best packaging ever. Not to forget that glass is esthetic and authentic. Glass has nothing to hide and a lot to offer!

7 Le Parfait also decorates your home!

Your jars are also perfectly designed to protect your little treasures in a lovely and convenient way! Our news section offers numerous ideas of how to put a homemade personal touch to your décor.