Poultry confit (goose, duck, or chicken) Recipe

Poultry becomes gourmet in the form of a confit, for our greatest enjoyment. With this recipe, you can cook the poultry of your choice or try them all. Let us know which you prefer!




2h45 + Maceration : 1 night
Heat treatment time

Poultry confit (goose, duck, or chicken)

Ingredients list

  • 20 g of fine salt for 500 g of poultry meat
  • Thyme (4 branches)
  • Bay leaf (2 leaves)
  • Poultry or pork fat - enough to cover the poultry meat

Number of servings

4 to 8 servings

Jar suggestion

Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrines
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  1. Cut the poultry into four pieces by taking out the bones and all outer fat.
  2. Rub all sides of each piece of poultry with salt and place them in a dish. Add salt, sprinkle with twigs of thyme and crushed bay leaf, cover with plastic wrap and leave to marinate overnight.
  3. Put the poultry and/or pork fat in a casserole dish filled with 1 to 1.5cm of water, and melt it on very low heat.
  4. When the fat has melted, take the pieces of poultry, wipe off any excess remaining salt, and place them in the casserole so that they are covered entirely by the melted fat and cook.
  5. Take the pieces out after 90 minutes and put them in Le Parfait Familia Wiss terrines, leave the fat to cook for a few minutes in order for the juice from the poultry to cook and some of the water to evaporate. Let cool and pour into the terrines through a strainer, filling them up to 2 cm from the top.
  6. Seal and proceed immediately to the heat treatment for 2 hours at 100°C.

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