Canned octopus in oil Recipe




35 min
Heat treatment time
1 h

Several years

Canned octopus in oil

Ingredients list

2 kg of octopus (there will remain 800 gr after cooking)
Peanut oil and / or olive (we recommend a mixture of both)
Aromatic: Salt, ground pepper, crushed thyme

Number of servings


Jar suggestion

Le Parfait Super Terrines
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1.    Place the octopus in the freezer 24 h to 48 h before to soften the flesh. The freezing that usually degrades food by breaking and dehydrating fibers is an ally here.
2.    Cook the octopus in a large volume of water with a bay leaf, 30 minutes at simmering point. Let cool then remove the "beak" and any hard parts, empty the bowels and their ink, remove the small suction cups by passing the octopus under a trickle of water.
3.    Finally cut pieces of 3 to 5 cm and dry well with a clean cloth.
4.    Place the octopus in the jars. Season to taste, salt, pepper, thyme ... Cover with oil up to 2 cm from the rim, close and proceed immediately to heat treatment, 1h at 100 ° C.

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