Beet jam Recipe




20 min

Beet jam

Ingredients list

1 kg beets

800 g granulated sugar

Number of servings


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  1. Peel and purée 1 kg of cooked beets.
  2. Cook in a baking dish with 800g of granulated sugar for about 15 minutes. Check the cooking by pouring a few drops on a cold plate and then lean the plate. The jam should flow gently. Skim, if necessary.
  3. Proceed without delay to put in jam pots. Close and put the jam pots upside down 1 min, then turn them right side up again and let them cool.

    To consume with black pudding, liver, ...

    Beetroot also makes excellent chutney. At the time of cooking reduce the sugar intake to 500 g but add 2 finely chopped apples, minced onion, 50 cl vinegar, a little fresh grated ginger, pepper, some raisins. Perfect to accompany cold meats …

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