Preserves glossary

Handy glossary to speak like an expert, using the terminology of the great Chefs

Appertization (or Canning)

« Method allowing the preservation of food in airtight containers for a long period, after undergoing heat treatment. »


« Salt water used for preserving and pickling foods. »


« Apricot or peach halves. »

Heat treatment

« Using heat to ensure food products are sterilised. »

Jam jar

« Container with a screw-top lid in which jam is preserved. »

Jam pot

« Container without sealing cap in which jam is preserved and sealed with paraffin and/or a sheet of cellophane. »


« Liquid mixture, usually of vinegar or wine with spices and herbs, in which meat or fish is soaked before cooking. »


« The process of heating a food to a specific temperature (between 70°C and 85°C) for a specific period of time and refrigerating it quickly afterwards. Pasteurized foods must be kept in cool places (3 to 4°C). »


« To remove the floating white foam during the cooking. »


« Accessory used for skimming. »


« The process of destroying all microbial germs in a preparation. »

UHT process

« Used for the treatment of milk, heated up to 150°C so as to destroy all microorganisms. This is called sterilization. This heat processing changes the taste by denaturing the protein structure. »