Wanted Autumn

Wanted Autumn

This just in, if autumn won’t come to us, we’ll go to autumn ! 

Guys, we’re a bit in a pickle over here at Le Parfait. We might be what you would call Fall people.. which means that as soon as September 22 turned on, we got all excited about our favourite season and started planning tons of activities to celebrate (mainly pumpkin carving, chestnut pickling, and lazy afternoon staying in!)

Unfortunately, the weather’s been a bit crazy lately. Sure Indian summer is nice, but come on, everyone knows that in October you’re supposed to get your fuzzy socks and colourful scarfs out, and your Pumpkin spice latte and apple pie in.

So what can we do about it? Should we give up on our fall movies marathon (goodbye  Hocus Pocus, You’ve got mail, the breakfast club etc.), our long evenings by a fireplace, our tasty fall recipes and all the snuggling on the couch?

Hell no! If autumn won’t come to us, then we’ll go to autumn!

And to do so, we’ve gathered our favourite potions and elixir of cosiness, little charm spells to enchant your kitchen and your friends into fall! So grab your Netflix password, your favourite onesies, and your bae, bff, family etc. and have your heart melt like a sweet butter beer with those easy recipes!

 A bit of food witchcraft never harmed anyone right ;)