The Preserving Squad

The Preserving Squad

As the saying goes, a jar will take you really far! (Ok, it’s not a saying, it’s just a cute post-in we’ve put on the wall at the office ) But still, you got the idea : a really tasty jar can crown you the king & queen in the kitchen! So, to be always ready for a tasty-emergency, we’ve round up our favourite class to join the team of your dream : the Preserving Squad.


First one, our YouTube channel and – of course – our website. It’s basically like a MOOC, with recipes and how to’s, created by experts. Except it’s free and there’s no deadline for your delicious assignments! Are you a beginner at preserving? Here’s everything you need to know. And here is you’re first – seasonal – homework:  

Vine peach & apple compote 



More into old fashioned learning method? (i.e.: ancestor of the MOOC's and other online classes) We got your back! Join experts IRL, and reach preserving new heights!


We’ve teamed up with L’Atelier des chefs London Cookery School for a year of fun preserving masterclass  with their head chef! (think easy ways to preserve seasonal treats) Keep an eye on their next classes here.


Brussels is our new playground for fermentation and reducing food waste thanks to Mary Pop In / Eatmosphere. Once a month, we’ll attend a Funky Fermenting Class. Catchy title right? Well, the class is even more exciting.  If you’re not in Belgium, don’t worry, we’re cool guys, and we’ll share some recipes on our website & social platforms soon!


And if you want to learn more about food waste from top chefs across Europe, sign up for their Master Chefs Monday events. Want a little sneak-peak of the festivities? Have a look at the last dinner we had here!


And of course, as 2018 is the year of kimchi, we’re meeting once again with chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre, this time in his amazing 2 stars restaurant L’Air Du Temps, for our closing #KimchiParty. The rumour is: he’s going to introduce us to a new recipe… want to find out more? Follow our Instagram stories on September 14th.