The perfect elixir of youth!

The perfect elixir of youth!

The perfect elixir of youth!


Hey kids, do you know what day it is? It’s Saint-Parfait!!! Which means it’s kind of our birthday party! How old are we? Well we are somewhere between eighty and ninety… Yep, you read that well, and yes, we know we do look way younger!


Wondering what’s the secret of our eternal youth? What kept us so fresh and trendy for the last decades? You!


That’s right, guys; our youth elixir is nothing less than you. If we managed to age so gracefully (it’s our birthday we’re allowed a bit of self compliments and love) it’s because you kept us in the game.


For almost a century we’ve been shaped for and by you! First, there was that man, Nicolas Appert, (great genius if you ask us) who found a way to preserve food without using salt, smoke or vinegar, but something much easier and cheaper to find: air and heat! The “appertisation” method was born, and not much after, so were we.


And from that day, we’ve been doing that: preserving food. But not only! As consumers’ needs evolved, so did we.  Today, our first use is still preserving. But, thanks to you, we’ve extended that concept not only to food, but everything that matters: our planet, families, homes etc.


The reason for this success? Well we could say we have that “je ne sais quoi” a little extra French touch that makes us so iconic. After all we were born in Reims, which is the capital of an other cult French product: champagne (great neighbour when you’re having a party by the way). And since then, we’ve been manufactured in France (here is a little sneak peak on how we are made).


So yes, we’ve been around for quite a while, in France, our jars have been on every household for almost a century. And now we are so happy to travel and meet you guys all around the world!


We are one of the most sustainable option when it comes to food (yes to homemade seasonal treats), we are your best ally in reducing waste (we loooove to bulk around and kick plastic’s ass  ;)) we can make the cutest and tastiest little gifts, and we do look good as vase and candle jars!


So, we really want to thank you for keeping us so young at heart, and always surprising us with new ways to preserve! We want to thank you for all the good work you’re putting in taking care of the planet. 


And happy Saint-Parfait to the perfect little preservers and caretakers that you are!