The little French-Touch that makes all the difference!

The little French-Touch that makes all the difference!

Ever wonder what was that je ne sais quoi, that elegance, which characterize French style? Here is the little secret: it’s simplicity. French style is about not putting too much thoughts, too much effort on something, but about confidence!

And we- at Le Parfait- are really proud of that French-touch. We design simple yet, really efficient glass-jars. We are Eco-friendly, we are taste keepers and we are time savers

But we are also re-usable, and big fans of DIY! So let’s embrace that French-touch for Christmas, and go with easy and yet so elegant ideas for your festive dinners!

Trust yourself and your imagination, get your jars out of their shelves and create unique ways to display food on the table. From appetizer to main course, you can do almost everything. Plus, you can personalize every single one with a little tag, to let your guest know how much you appreciate them!


For decorations, the simplest the best: use jars as candlesticks to create an elegant table runner: surround them by Christmas tree branches, mistletoes and little gingerbread cookies, it will be a really nice ornament! 

For the sweet tooth, don’t forget to put Barley sugar in little jars! It looks really pretty and it will be a nice gift to offer to your guest on their way out! So simple, yet so classy!

Make Christmas as unique and beautiful as the one you love with Le Parfait!