Summertime means summerjars

Summertime means summerjars

When the sun is that high and the weather is that warmth, it is time to preserve the best thing about this season : the food! 

Let's get ready for pickles, jams and marmalades, terrines and ready meals that will taste like summer all year round!

Now is your chance to preserve your favorites products, think about all those ripe fruits and vegetables that have been growing under the sun! Mouthwatering isn't it? So go to your local market, go pickling, go out and see how abundant this season is. Once at home, have a look at Le Parfait website, it’s filled with tons of preserving ideas and tips. Get your jars and your apron ready because some serious cooking is about to happen.

Think about your winter breakfasts, and how delicious homemade jams will taste! Impress your friends with dinners that will make them remember the warm lights of summer! Imagine your shelves filled with savory food, and you just have to pick a jar and open it to go back in time!

This feels good doesn’t it? That’s the magic of preserving, having always what’s best in your kitchen! Start with these 2 deliciously tempting recipes:
Spiced fruit casserole
Quince paste
Strawberry jam with rose syrup jam