Squash season is way too gourd

Squash season is way too gourd

Kids may be experts in the art of pumpkin carving for Halloween. But adults have good gourmet reasons to make the most of these delicious vegetables. These seasonal all-time favourites can be used in a wide range of recipes: soups, purées, roasted and even jam.

Do you agree? Here is a little guide to crack open pumpkins, red kuri squash, butternut and other squashes and keep all their inner autumn sweetness and softness intact. So, to your jars.


Gorgeous pumpkin and lemon grass soup

An upgraded yet super easy version of classic pumpkin soup, with unbridled lemon grass ready to give a little kick to your cosy winter evenings.


Pumpkin puree - there’s life after the lantern

A extremely easy recipe to share great flavour and promote no-waste behaviour with the kids. Firstly spoon out the flesh of the pumpkin and store it in jars. Carve out a victory smile to shout out loud, “goodbye to waste”.


Meltingly creamy red kuri squash soup

A scrumptious cream soup with a hint of hazelnut and the velvety texture of red kuri squash. Perfect for cocooning days or to find comfort after work: with a little cloud of crème fraîche to top it off.

Pumpkin jam- better than candy

Forget bowlfuls of candy that disappear in one short night for trick-and-treating kids (and adults). Give them jars of this delicious pumpkin jam. It sharpens the taste buds with a touch of ginger and is not only for Halloween!


Winter squash jam with vanilla, for all the family

A pumpkinastic recipe. Big or small, round or long: the shape and variety doesn’t matter, as long as the flavour is there. And with a little vanilla, a dose of sugar and a few jam pots, success is guaranteed.


Orange-coloured soup

The ultimate combination of carrot and pumpkin, an ode to our favourite colour in a healthy version. Coconut milk gives it a creamy touch!