Spanish vibes with Le Parfait and El Pot at Palo Alto market !

Spanish vibes with Le Parfait and El Pot at Palo Alto market !

Hello dear preservers, we have really good news and we couldn’t wait to share it with you. This April, we will fly to Barcelona, with our jars all packed and ready to join the wondrous team of El Pot at the Palo Alto Market.

BCN foodies come meet us on April 2nd and 3rd, enjoy the lively atmosphere of the market, take a break, discover and taste the healthy and delicious meals in jars prepared with love by El Pot!  And then, just stay around, chat with us about preserving, homemade recipes and jars, as we will do a demo about canning.

We can’t wait to see you there!

And if you think 2 days are too short, don’t worry so do we!  After all, it’s spring already, and all we want to do is to be outside, go picking, eat seasonal and share happy moments with friends.

So when El pot offered us to take part in a series of workshops we said yes! We will be there on May 14th, to talk about the art of preserving, eating healthy, seasonal and local! The El Pot team will host the event so you can expect delicious recipes and smart ideas on the subject!

And on April 29th, it’s the Block Party, the perfect time to celebrate and gather around our love for good foods, good products and good people. How exciting! )

And for the preservers all around the world who can’t be in Barcelona, no worries we thought of you, as we always do, and we will share all our adventures on our social networks. So let’s spread Spanish vibes, tasty recipes, preserving tips, and of course, let’s spread the love of cooking!