Sea, preserves & sun

Sea, preserves & sun

Yay, it is time to head to the sea ! You already packed your bathing suits, your fishing net and your fishing rod and are now ready to enjoy the best of summer ! Let’s head to the sea markets, wonder through the small shops and make the best preserves ! Summer picks are abundant and so good, therefore they are less expensive ; so don’t hesitate !

Navigate through a summer of fun with Le Parfait : get ready for the perfect picnics and beach parties, the jars will protect all the good foods and drinks from the sands!

There are so many things to do and to preserve on the seaside : enjoy a fishing day with your family, you’ll be so proud to catch and cook fishes,  and your taste buds will thank you for all these fresh and healthy treats !  The next day let’s be shellfish, and feast on mussels, razor clams and oyster !

And if you prefer to lay down on the beach all day, you can just make a quick stop at the fishermen market and pick what you want in your plate, what you’ll want all year long in your preserves ! 

Here are our recipes :