Remedy for melancholia

Remedy for melancholia

From summer, we often take away grains of sand at the bottom of our bags, gorgeous tan lines, a few “hugs” postcards on our fridge... and above all a slight nostalgia that follows us all year round. That’s why we have come up with a little antidote to melancholy that is as effective as it is enticing: summer in a jar!

When the end of August comes around, instead of wallowing in our sorrow, we go gluttonous and prefer, rather than watching our days grow shorter, letting our cupboards fill up: no better way to enjoy the flavours of summer than in the heart of winter!

Melons in syrup

Because this is a recipe you won’t find on any store shelf, even those of fine grocers. It is thus the best way to keep your melons packing their full punch all year round ;) 

Apricot jam 

We all need breakfasts that burst with the colour and flavour of summer days. And it just so happens that this jam does exactly that!

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes in Oil with Chilli Flakes

Garlic clove, aromatic herbs, olive oil, tomatoes… all so good! And all in season! Keep refrigerated and open in the event of an acute attack of summer itis. 

Gazpacho in a jar

It’s all in the title, but if you still need convincing, we'll add the words veggie aperitif, melt-in-your-mouth tomatoes and vibrant peppers. 

Pistou soup

You know those little terracotta cigales, the ones that start singing as soon as anyone, especially Provençal tourists, passes by? This jar has more or less the same potential. Except that it is your taste buds that will start dancing, all year round. 

And if these few recipes have whetted your appetite (they have certainly done so with ours!), be informed that there are plenty of others under the jar. So, before we talk about autumn & mushrooms (we have to say, we’re eager to get there too!) keep an eye on our social media (and on our site) because we have prepared something for you to make summer last ALL YEAR ROUND!