Orange is the new snack

Orange is the new snack

Trick or treat yourself with le Parfait !

There are two kinds of people : the ones that love Halloween, and the others. At Le parfait, we love eating, we love celebrating, and we love sharing. So you can easily guess which kind of people we are right ? Plus, we have a little thing in common with Halloween : our love for everything orange !

Let’s celebrate Halloween the right way : the modern and preserving way !

First things first : The Jack’O Lantern.

As a good preserver, you know the importance of zero waste. So you are already wondering what to do with all this pumpkin leftover ! Well an Orange Soup of course! Squash, carrots and coconut, Isn’t it the perfect recipe for a tasty Halloween?

Treats for the kids :

This year, Halloween treats will be all natural and made with love ! We want something easy to cook, but so delicious the kids will come at your house every year from now on !  Here are two of our favourites :

Put them in small jars with little personalized tags ! The kids will love it, their parents will love it even more!

Treats for the grown ups!

And because you’re never too old to have an Halloween party – and free treats – here are our Halloween specials for grown ups!