Only good peelings

Only good peelings

At Le Parfait we are known for two things:

  1. Manufacturing sustainable and timeless glass jars that are perfect to contain and preserve delicious food. (Yep, that’s right) 
  2. Scheming our way to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen while maintaining a maximum taste and pleasure ratio. (No we’re not lazy; we’re just way more into the eating part than the cooking part of food.) 

Which brings us to today’s topic: Peels…and why, most of the time, you don’t need that extra, time-consuming step of peeling (most of) your vegetables and fruit.

First - and shout this from the rooftops – peels are packed with good stuffs like fibbers, vitamins and nutrients, and they can often bring more taste and contrast to your meal. 

Second: Sure, we’re all for that compost life and everything, but those mentioned above vitamins and health benefactors will feel as good in your stomach as in the ones of worms.

Third: if your vegetables and fruit are organic, seasonal and well sourced, there is basically no reason to peel them. Sure, they might be a bit dirty, but they’re pesticide-free so a good old scrub will do the trick just fine! 

Which brings us to the fun part, cooking and preserving peels: 

The first thing to know is which one you should or should not peel, and is quite easy to sort out: is your veggy‘s skin as thick as Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons? (Yes GoT is coming back in one month so we’re getting a bit obsessed) then peel (it goes for squash, celery roots etc.). Is it still really dirty after a scrub (think Winterfell post- storm)? Then peel. (It can happen with beetroots for example) For the others, you’re good to go and those preserve recipes are here to prove it: 

But, if you’re really into peeling your veggies (you know, if you like spending time cooking, find it’s similar to a meditative state, or simply want a more creamy mashed potatoes) here’s a smart way to repurpose the peels: a concentrated vegetables stock paste made from peels from our friends at Dot-to-Dot.

Voilà, you’re left with only good peelings