Love (the jars) actually

Love (the jars) actually

Show your love, cook some food !

From Home Alone to Love Actually, every year we dazzle in front of those Christmas fairy tales and every year we tell ourselves the same thing: presents are only as good as the love you put in them!

And here’s a little secret: food is love.

Yes, yes you read that correctly, and if you don’t believe us, go ask your grand-ma (you know she’s always right). Why do you think she spends hours making your favourite meal? To be elected best grand-ma on earth? Well it might be a bit of that, but it’s mostly because she loves you, and she loves seeing you smile!

So this year it’s your time to delight some taste buds, to gift your loved ones with something really meaningful, something you’ve put your heart into!

Plus it’s the perfect last minute gift! No judging here, as said above, we’ve been watching Netflix instead of Christmas shopping!

So after hours and hours of scrolling through the Internets (yes, we know, hard work ;)) we’ve identified people’s favourite meals, and made them with a Le Parfait touch! Here’s our Christmas wish list, hope you like it!

Chestnut spread for your mom

There must be a universal law somewhere that explains why all moms just loooooove chestnut spread. We’re putting our research team on it, but in the mean time, you can try it at home and see if it’s true by yourself!

Country Paté for your dad

Just imagine his proud face at his next gathering, when he’ll pop that jar lid and tell his friends that his kid (yes, for your father you’ll always be a kid, stop fighting it) made this paté! Bonus point: it’s really good and you might impress the entire crowd!

Cakes for your siblings

Remember when you were kids and they would always eat / still your favourites snacks after school? Show them you’re forgiving but not forgetful from old times shenanigans with those delicious recipes!

>> Moist hazlnut and chocolate cake

>> Marble cake preserve

Jams for your Grandparents

Once upon a time, breakfast weren’t made of green smoothies, healthy overnights oats, or even just cereals. The rage back then (before the instagram era) was this good old regular bread with homemade jams. And let me tell you, it was delicious, and it will taste even better thanks to the sweet knowledge that you made it especially for them!

>> Spiced peach jam

>> Strawberry honey and ginger jam

>> Raspberry bepper and vanilla jam

Tapas for your foodie friends

We all have that friend that spends most of his time talking about food. And when he’s not talking about it, it’s usually because he’s eating it. Sometimes, he even does both at the same time (something, we, French folks are really good at). So let’s be honest here, it’s a no brainer. You know the best way to please him is to talk directly to its tummy! And here are the perfect recipes for it!

>> Canned octopus in oil

>> Hummus

>> Green tomato chutney

Merry Christmas to you all !