Let them eat french !

Let them eat french !

The 4 recipes every aspiring French foodie should know!

Today is Bastille Day, also known as the French revolution, or, as we love to call it, the brag all you want day  (and we do love to brag). So we will do just that, and introduce you to real French proudness!  

 Let’s get down to business right away: we’re not here to talk about berets, Jean Paul-Sartre, or strikes (we’re not that cliché) but to talk about food. Because here’s a little secret: this is, and always will be the thing we are the most proud of! 

So in honour of our great culinary heritage – and because we are extra nice – here are 4 recipes that will make your friends and folks believe you are in fact a frenchie. 

Rillettes du mans:

 This one is the It-food, if such thing exists. We eat it during aperitif, for picnics, as an entrée, even as a snack. This is your go to recipe for any joyful gatherings!

Endives au jambon:

Every French kids has had this meal. It’s the equivalent of a mac&cheese, or fish and chips. It’s so easy and so delicious, it has been the parents go to recipes for decades!


Do we have to explain it? I mean there’s even a Pixar movie named like that where a cute little rat and a young guy become Paris best chefs. No need to say more right?

Dried Apricot, Almond and Lavender Jam:

This one is a special gift. It tastes like summer, like French Riviera, like happiness! One spoon of it and you are in Provence, in the middle of a field, listening to the song of the cicadas!