Le Parfait gift: 5 new recipes to taste the word!

Le Parfait gift: 5 new recipes to taste the word!

For Christmas, jars will be filled with delicious –and brand new – recipes that will spread the Christmas spirits of Le Parfait worldwide Community!

We were inspired by the traditional dishes of 5 countries and decided to shake things up a bit to create a unique menu!


USA: A delicious drink, kissed with holiday spices!

Discover our homemade infused rum with figs, vanilla and grapes, the perfect liquor to spice up traditional eggnog! It will be nice to welcome your guests or cuddle up by a fireplace! Cheers!



UK: God Save the terrine!

Forget foie-gras, this year we go wild - and by that we mean wild meats! We came up with a really simple recipe, which will work perfectly with all kind of game! Plus, the one thing you can say about hunting is that you actually know where your dinner comes from!



Canadian spirit: poultry full of taste, a dinner without stress!

Here is our alternative to the traditional turkey: poultry, chestnut, mushrooms and honey! Mouth-watering isn’t it? And the good news is, you can prepare it really early in the day and preserve it in a jar! And that, our dear preservers, is an argument of choice!



Spanish mania: Spice up your potatoes game!

Savours from Spain are on the menu for this holiday season. To ensure a hot Christmas, we recommend potatoes, chorizo and pimento! So good, so simple and perfect to serve in jars along the main course! Que bueno!



Australian vibes: Summer treats, Christmas taste!

For desserts, let’s do a plum jam. With its cinnamon notes and balsamic, it’s the perfect pairing for your cheese plate! Trust us, it’s so good! All your friends will ask for your secret recipe!