How to make your outdoor space look like a little paradise!

How to make your outdoor space look like a little paradise!

Summer is here and with it it’s finally time to reclaim those little bit of heavens we left aside for so long: gardens, balconies, terraces or any piece of outdoors you can reach! 

Think about it, there are at least (we’re quite optimistic at Le Parfait headquarters) 3 months of good weather to come, so at least 90 days to enjoy sunbathing, gathering, drinks or just relaxing with a book outside. 

 Now, how good would it feel to spend this time in a little jungle handmade by yourself? Or to have a nice cool drink at the end of the day surrounded by little lights and candles? So atmospheric, so perfect right? 

Well roll up your sleeves, put some sunscreen and turn your outdoor space into a Jar-den of Eden – plus it’s the perfect way to give a second life to your old jars! 

Aromatic herbs are you go to! 
For the foodies among us, have you ever think about growing your aromatic herbs in jars? It is quite simple, (a bit of compost, a few seeds, a splash of water and voilà) and oh so easy to move around! So when the winter comes you’ll be able to keep them warm inside! How cool is that? 

Little terrariums to brighten a small balcony!
For those who love plants but are lacking a green thumb (don’t worry you’re not alone) we recommend Terrarium with grass plants!  Once those babies are settled in their jars, they’ll live a happily ever after life, without you having to raise a finger! 

Let there be lights – and friends! 
Candles jars are a beautiful way to decorate your outside for a gathering or a party! Simply put them on a table among flowers, or if you feel crafty, hang them on trees and walls with a bit of rope! 

And if you want to be a bit more eco-friendly, there’s always battery-powered LED lights, they are perfect to extra-customize your jar, with seashell and sands for example :)

Aw, summer, how good it is to see you again!