Heat treatment

Heat treatment

Do you have a burning desire to learn about heat treatment? 

This month, we are looking at this hot topic which we often find sliding into our mailbox. Hot off the press! 


What is heat treatment? It is the process of subjecting preparations in jars or terrines to heat. Several tools are available to you to do this.

But before you throw yourself into it, we cannot stress enough that making preserves in jams or pickle pots is dangerous! 

  • The tool that does the work almost solo: the electric steriliser. Very easy to use - simply place the jars inside, taking care to properly wedge them so that they do not clash or turn over - all you have to do is fill the steriliser with water, completely immerse the jars, then put the lid back on. Final step: set the time and temperature. But more about that later on!
  • Some players have been in this game for ages: the big pot, the pressure cooker and their offspring: the steamer. For this method, place a tea towel at the bottom of your container to prevent direct contact between the glass and the metal and take care to secure your jars so that they do not clash or turn over. Cover with at least 3 cm of water if using a large pot and cover. When using a steamer, follow the filling instructions and bring to 100°C (boiling temperature, or when the steamer or pressure cooker valve is simmering). From this point on, you can activate your timer! 

Whatever option is chosen, the water must be allowed to cool naturally before you remove the jars and place them upright in a dry and cool place, away from light.



Some basic rules can help you make preserves that will win everyone's approval: 

  • In general, raw meat is cooked 3 hours at 100°C
  • For fruit in syrup, a little bath of 45 minutes at 100°C is recommended
  • Vegetables like to bubble for 1 hour
  • While ready-made meals can be left to simmer for 90 minutes to 2 hours 
  • Soups, an everyday friend, will take 45 minutes – 1 hour

The fact to burn into your memory is that these times are only suggestions! Each recipe on our website specifies the recommended sterilisation time.

So: does your heart burn for new preserves?