Bastille Day - Do it like a frenchie

Bastille Day - Do it like a frenchie

It’s no secret that France is known for its cuisine, one can even say that France is the motherland of gastronomy, and Le parfait really loves that idea. After all, we’ve been making French jars for food enthusiasts for almost a century now, and helping people preserve what’s best in their kitchen has always been our goal.

So it’s no surprise that we love French cuisine, it involves a lot of preserving, it’s really generous, and frenchies love to cook for their friends and dine in big crowds. They kind of even invented the idea of the modern restaurants which were quite revolutionary back in the day.

This year, we thought it would be a good idea to honor France gastronomy and celebrate with a feast for their national holiday: Bastille Day. But don’t worry, you know us, we don’t really like too sophisticated recipes. We want to preserve what’s best and time is one of these things.

So we asked ourselves: what are France’s emblematic meals? Well you know the croque en choux, the beef bourguignon etc. But do you know coq au vin? Well it’s chicken (France mascot) cooked in wine, it sounds good doesn’t it? Well let us tell you it’s really delicious!

And if you’re not a fan we suggest you try the Pot au feu, one of the most emblematic french dish, or even a summer dish served in the south west of France : the Tuna à la basquaise

So, grab a baguette and a bottle of wine and get ready for a frenchie celebration!

Long Live the French Cuisine!