Back to preserving school

Back to preserving school

11 new videos to swing on and cook in Le Parfait


Let’s face the truth, September is here and there is no way to escape it! So instead of mourning summer barbecues and parties, we  - at Le Parfait – decided to go on with the flow, and be that annoying back to school cheerleading friend that’s so ready for a new and crazy year!

So Let’s begin this new season with some cooking and swinging in the kitchen! We had a lot of fun making 11 new recipes filled with good food, easy steps and joyful swing music. So here is Le Parfait assignment for the 2017/2018 preserving class:


1 recipe a week

A pinch of imagination

A few dancing steps 

And happy meals to enjoy all year long!


First class: The starters and side dishes, here are our 101 to get all the family and friends to seat and feast at your table:





Then moving on with the meals:

When winter is coming, the hungry wolf dies, while the veggie fed pack survives  (yes even in France we can’t stop talking in GoT quotes). Here are a VEGGIE SOUP and a PUMPKIN PUREE to rule your kitchen kingdom!


And let’s not forget: never end a dinner without a sweet sweet note (A grades are coming). Here are our favourites!

Strawberry jam

peach & apricot compte

apricot jam

peaches in syrup

banana & rhubarb compote

chocolate spread


So grab your jars, put your speakers on, swing and cook along!