Baby it's cold outside, let's lagom

Baby it's cold outside, let's lagom

Forget about Hygge, here’s a new and more sustainable way to do cosy.

The last couples of years were all about Hygge, (Danish pinnacle of cosiness and warmth ) But thanks to digital age, we’ve been graced by an even better, more sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle we'll all be dreaming of : LAGOM.

While the idea of curling up with a hot chocolate by a fireplace is appealing, it’s not the only Scandi philosophy we’re crushing on at Le Parfait. The Swedish cousin of Hygge, LAGOM, which can translate by « not too little, not too much, just right »  seems to be about a simpler way of life, living in a more intentionally conscious manner and embracing all forms of balance.

Lagom focus on environmentalism and reducing waste (that applies for decoration as well), on work and life balance, on happiness. So here are Le Parfait 3 little things to dive in that new trend :

A Terrarium jar: the better way to be more conscious about our planet, is actually watching her grow. If you have a garden, you’re lucky enough to see it live, for the others, we recommend to get a touch of green in your home with a terrarium, a little plant that needs only a little help ! You can download our DIY here !

A herb Garden in jars :  Instead of always buying new mint, basil etc. you should plant them . That way, you’ll reduce your waste, and will have an always full garden of flavours :)

A thankful jar : Every now and then, when you live something you feel graceful for, when you experience love, when you achieve new goals, write it down on little notes. Then put them in a jar, and at the end of the year, or when you fill like you need to remember what it means to live intentionally, just read them ! It will be priceless !