A lovely Christmas decoration with Le Parfait

A lovely Christmas decoration with Le Parfait
You’re right, jars are made to preserve tasty recipes. But they also have dozen of uses far beyond the basic storing of food... and can easily turn into gorgeous decorative objects.

This season, use the Le Parfait jars!
Impress your guests with a beautiful table setting. Put the silverware or napkin in a jar. Dispose cherry tomatoes, French sticks and other precious foods in a jar for an Art Deco starter: cute and appetizing!

Turn your jars into lights or trendy snow balls. You can even fill the jar with water for floating candle. Jars go great with flowers (natural or artificial), feathers or other Christmas treasures. Use your jars as centerpieces: you’ll save money and will have a lovely decoration for your Christmas table setting as well.

Here is another idea – and a lovely way to countdown the days until Christmas: a homemade Advent calendar! It’s beyond easy: take some coloured drawing or thin craft paper and cut it in 24 pieces. Gather all the Le Parfait jars you have at home – ideally 24. Each jar, to open up each day, will house a unique message for your kids. Take on the Christmas tradition with this decorative, unique and quite unusual Calendar!