A christmas jar for everyone

A christmas jar  for everyone

Christmas is here! The hundred newsletters with trees & garlands popping in your email are a good proof of it (and ours aren’t an exception).

And we -the Le Parfait people- looooooove a good gift giving season just as any other coworker cheerfully planning the office Secret Santa. We.pleed.guilty.  

But we get it, not everyone is as merry as us when it comes to presents. We’re not judging. Christmas, Friendsmas, Officemas (does it ever stop?) can lead to a tiny bit of stress that can ruin the season: the fear of never finding the perfect gift.


Well guess what, just as Santa, this thing only exists in the mind of the people still writing Christmas lists. For the others, there’s no way we can dive inside their brains and find that ONE thing, that one little perfect thing that will light them up as Time Square on New Year’s Eve. But, But, and this will come handy really soon: a jar full of good food can dive inside their belly. And what’s the saying? A way to a human’s heart is his stomach!

So here’s our little preserving gift guide for every one in your life (even the ones on your secret Santa’s Whatsapp group). You’re welcome:

  • For the never-not-gossiping colleague

Homemade chocolate spread, because flavors rhyme with rumors


  • For your climate striker nephew

A tasty concentrated Vegetable Stock Paste made with veggies peels. Some zerowaste magic coming for soups and broth, right here. 


  • For the neighbor that likes a good drink but not a good headache

The Kefir, the fermented miracle drink that tastes as good as it does good to the body.


  •  For your forever young Grandma

An orange marmalade. A classic that never get olds.


  • For that one friend that grew up near the sea (and won’t shut up about it).

A preserved potatoes and smocked herring salad. It’s salty, oily, and full of omega 3. That should keep his mouth full for a while.


  • For your cousin’s new SO

A Christmas pudding, to thank him for pudding up during Christmas with your family!


Merry season and more tasty preserves await you here!