6 simple home-made drinks to mellow out this season

6 simple home-made drinks to mellow out this season

There used to be a time when shop shelves weren’t crammed with bottles of mass-produced soda and alcohol. In fact, there was even a time when shop shelves just didn’t, to give you an idea. And yet our ancestors found ways to make sure everyone had a guzzling, frolicking good time, all night long, without needing to stop off at the supermarket. Because they still held the secrets of home-made concoctions and love or merriment potions, which fermented slowly until the next celebration rolled around. This month, we invite you to dive into the mysteries of these concoctions: kefir, love potion, mirabelle plums or greengage in brandy, arranged rum... You’ll definitely find something to quench your summer thirst!

Rose and aniseed kefir

Fruit kefir has been graced with a number of more than enticing names: “Caucasus Champagne” or “Japanese Crystal” for instance – and with good reason, as this fermented drink, that surges forth from the depths of time, is a real gem potion. Sparkling, crisp and refreshing as can be, kefir can be concocted in the blink of an eye, if you have the seeds on hand! In the summer, we love to make this recipe with rose and aniseed syrup. It works wonders when unleashed during a petanque tournament, in the middle of a heat wave, or as a refreshment under the pergolas!

Arranged rums & love potion

In the West Indies, the Caribbean and the islands of the Indian Ocean, the locals have a special pride and joy when it comes to drinks: arranged rum. Macerated fruits, spices and sugar come together for a sure-fire hit: ultra-simple to make and absolutely delicious. Understandably, this drink has conquered the rest of the world as well, and today there are as many recipes as drinkers. Get to your jars and try your hand (using moderation, of course) -- you’ll see: in just a few sips, you’ll be under its spell. Here are three variations that have us swooning:

Love Potion

Flambéed Banana Rum & Coffee

Victoria Pineapple Rum & Bourbon Vanilla  


According to Wikipedia (we hope the teachers reading will not knock points off, here ;)) eau-de-vie was developed in the Middle Ages by alchemists who were trying to create a long-lived elixir. At the time, Aqua Vitae, in Latin, the water that restores life, had many uses, including some medicinal. Now, of course, today, we won’t claim that it can be used against hepatitis, gout, bladder stones etc., as was said at the time. But savoured slowly and in moderation, as a digestive, it is a great way to round out a fantastic feast! Here are the recipes for two famous eau de vie: Mirabelle plums and reine-claudes !