5 food trends to fall for in 2019

5 food trends to fall for in 2019

2019 is here, and as a welcoming gift, here are our top food trends of the year! But fear not, we’re not playing the crazy fortune-teller here (sorry professor Trelawney) nor are we preaching any kind of New Year, New Me resolutions and other unattainable goals. Instead we’re focusing on good impact, low investments (might it be money, time, energy) gestures to fest on this year.

Our first winner is, with no surprise, fermentation.  Sure, this technique has been around for centuries (We mean it’s basically the reason why bread, cheese, wine and everything French people cherish, exist) but it has also, in the last years, become one of the most interesting and most wanted craft among foodies. The reason? Not only does it bring out new tastes, it’s also gut friendly. And when it comes to food, we should always follow our guts, right? So here are 2 Kimchi recipes from 2 Michelin star chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre to get you started, and keep an eye here, as we have more to come in the next weeks (hints: sourdough, sauerkraut, jangajji, asparagus juice and so much more) 

Ginger Bug:

Ok technically, this one is to put in the fermentation section. But according to Pinterest, ginger drinks search raised up to 353% last year, so we figured it might as well be a trend in itself. 

Our friends from Dot to Dot Magazine (a media dedicated to sustainability and slow living in Brussels) and L'estaminet (a restaurant that shares the same vision) created a recipe with Le Parfait to make the perfect ginger bug, it only needs few ingredients to get you started, and then the joy of ginger beers are all yours! Find the recipe here.


If you’ve been following chefs on Instagram, you probably have noticed that the stars of last fall were none other than mushrooms (here’s proof from Rene Redzepi Instagram). Shall we read it as a sign that we’re going into a new era called from Forest to Table? We sure believe so and we have the perfect recipes to prove you that!


We don’t really know whose to blame congratulate for this renewed interest for homemade jam making (it’s Pinterest most dramatic pike with829 % more pins), but one thing is certain: we could not be happier!  Jam is one of the most efficient and tasty ways to preserve fruits and veggies, and –therefore- bring back sweet memories of passed seasons. 

Here are our top 3 seasonal jams to make now, and open later (optional). 

Sustainable fishing:

Yes, seasons matter in the deep blue sea too. Sustainable fisheries support not only the well being of species, but as well the oceans and coastal communities. As you guys are living in all corners around the world, we’ll let you check your local calendar and report to our top seafood recipes here.

Also on our radar this year:

Tahini (aka the new nut butters), Ghee (your less fat, more heat butter), Oat milk (sorry almond milk, you’re out) and homemade aromatized waters. We may or may not have recipes to come for you. Just Saying!