Le pique-nique, c’est chic !

Picnic c'est chic !

With British summer sunshine so scarce, why not be sure to make the most of it and spend as little time preparing your picnic as possible.

Preserving with Le Parfait allows you to prepare your picnic whilst the weather isn’t great, so that when the sun does decide to shine and the temperature rises, all you need to do is grab your preserves from the cupboard and buy a nice fresh loaf of bread on your way to the park.

Obviously those based in warmer climates may see the sun more often but on the hottest days, it would be much nicer to spend the whole day picnicking on the beach rather than in the kitchen.


From cupboard to picnic rug

Recipes such as monkfish terrinesalmon rillets and pickled artichoke hearts can be found on Le Parfait’s website and can be prepared in advanced and thrown into the basket for last minute picnics when the fridge is bare.

Paired with a light summer salad and some crackers, oatcakes or fresh bread these jarred-delights make a welcome change from a soggy cucumber sandwich or an underwhelming slice of quiche. Impress your friends by putting on a spread to be proud of.

Preserved vegetables: the Le Parfait picnic treat

Recipes for pickled onions and cucumber are available on our website, making it easy to preserve vegetables and then enjoy them al fresco at a later date.

Diana Henry’s wonderful book on preserving salt sugar smoke has plenty of ideas for preserving and pickling vegetables. Le Parfait jars can be used for recipes like soy and ginger pickled green mango, Malaysian cucumber and carrot pickle and crunchy Russian dill pickles all of which are perfect compliment to picnic favourites like pork pies and cocktail sausages. Not only does salt sugar smoke provide wonderful recipes but Diana also writes in depth about pickling and preserving methods.

With most of your picnic carefully stored in Le Parfait jars, they can be taken home and re-used, a far better way to end the day than leaving you searching for a park bin to get rid of all your rubbish.

Le Parfait can make your picnic delicious and environmentally friendly!

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