La parade des légumes automnaux

The autumn vegetable parade

The autumn vegetable parade
Keep all the flavors of fall!

That’s it, we are there! Autumn is here, winter is approaching and new flavors are on the shelves for delicious preserves.

Discover seasonal vegetables, Cucurbits, celery, cabbage, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, spinach, watercress... they color our plates with oranges, browns, greens, beiges... and offer us rustic, warm, authentic flavors...

They are perfect for all recipes for soups, purees, veloutés, stews… So don’t hesitate to put them in jars.

This winter, you will be delighted to open them with a snap of your fingers and enjoy a good homemade preserve.

We invite you to discover our many fall recipes: there is something for all tastes and desires!

But here are 5 slightly more original recipes to try without delay:

& if you have a sweet tooth, we have everything you need here!

So… get your canned goods!
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