The American way - 4th of July with Le Parfait

The American way - 4th of July with Le Parfait

Let’s party with our US friends this year! It will soon be the 4th of July, aka National Day, aka Independence Day! So, for our fellow American preservers, it is time to prepare a patriotic feast!

There are so many ways to celebrate America’s National holiday, some do it with BBQs, others with picnics, some will host a big gathering with friends, family and neighbors. Anyway it will be a happy and joyful celebration, filled with laughter, good foods, music and, of course, because America never do anything small, big fireworks!

At Le Parfait, we want you to enjoy that day the way you want, (after all it is called Independence day) so we decided to go with recipes that will work for both picnics and parties. We thought of a really simple hot or cold pork meal, that you can plan in advance and preserve. That way, when dinner comes, you just have to open a jar and satisfy your cravings for good foods, whether you’re at home or in a park. The same idea goes for dessert: you can make ahead a seasonal and colorful strawberry and rose syrup jam and when the festivities start, you’ll just have to put the mixture on your cakes, cupkakes or granolas.The perfect way to impress and delight your guests!

But don’t forget, it is also the day to show your love for USA, get all patriotic with a red and blue deco! If you’re at home, you can display white flowers in painted jars, it will look beautiful on a dinner table! If you’re outside, store your forks and knives in Le Parfait jars, and add some colored ribbons around the screw, best way to stay organized for a picnic!

Have fun and happy 4th of July!