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Le Parfait » Preserves instructions » How to make your own preserves?

How to make your own preserves?

Set your sights on natural taste, and follow our detailed roadmap for perfect preserves! It’s so simple, you won’t need to refer to this page often (much to our regret). With the Le Parfait method, preserving is as easy as pie!

8 steps to preserve

Step 1. Prepare the Jars and Terrines Le Parfait

Make sure the surfaces are not chipped or show signs of abrasion or residue. Clean the jars, terrines and lids with hot soapy water. Avoid any contact between the jars or the terrines. Do not use metal or abrasive sponges.

After cleaning, rinse thoroughly the jars and terrines with hot water and let air dry.

Step 2. When making preserves, always use perfectly fresh and healthy food, suitable for preserves.

Step 3. Cook the food

Step 4. Fill the Le Parfait Jars or Terrines

Step 5. Seal the Le Parfait Jars or Terrines

Step 6. Heat treatment

Step 7. Check and store the jars

Step 8. Open the jars

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